CF2 Performance Clutch

Monster lock up with an easy operation. Another patent pending lock up system from AIM Corp.. Compact, low profile, big weights and Centrifugal Force.The CF2 can handle your big engine with an easy controllable clutch.

CF2 Performance Features
  • Max. Capacity over 200 ft-lbs torque
  • Adjustable for all modes: Centrifugal, Static and Constant pressure
  • All adjustments are made through the derby cover
  • Bolt on, no modifications, fits behind stock cover
  • Use only centrifugal mode for maximum load (Race use)
  • Available as an inner or complete clutch kit
    Centrifugal Force

    Progressive and Aggressive-The centrifugal lock up system generates pressure as the engine RPM increases. This pressure is greatly affected by the size of weights and levers. By designing a more compact and lower profile lock up head, AIM's new CF2 design uses bigger weights and more aggressive lever designs that all fit within the stock cover! The CF2 gives you twice the clutch clamping load of our regular lock up system.

    Constant Force

    Centrifugal Force - All regular clutch lock up systems will induce heavy clutch lever effort at higher RPM. Now AIM has invented the CF2, patent pending Constant Force system which uses 6 spring loaded pistons and a lever stop to control the centrifugal pressure at the desired RPM. We designed our CF2 to start limitting the pressure at about 3500rpm (adjustable) where maximum engine torque normally occurs. As a result, the CF2 provides a tune-able, controllable, and stronger clutch. The constant force mode can be disabled for maximum pressure (Race use).  

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          The setup of the clutch can be quickly adjusted


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