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MB003-003 ............ Reverse Gear MAMBA, H-D 5-speed Cable Clutch, Two-Piece Style

Item Reverse Gear, H-D 5-speed Cable Clutch, Two-Piece Style
Parts # MB003-003
MSRP $1649.99
  • "Add on kit", Easy installation. Not required to remove the whole transmission from the case.
  • Great for Trikes, Sidecars or Solo Harley-Davidsons.
  • Exclusive safety feature "Break off keys" to protect transmission.
  • Available with clutch cable or Hydraulic clutch.
  • Complete kit, contains all necessary parts to install.
  • Operated by clutch, gear driven, no need for an electrical motor.
Note: Some aftermarket exhaust pipes may require exhaust pipe modifications.


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