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Easy on the hand, but with increased pack pressure at higher RPM, up to 60% more pressure (clutch pack compression) enabling the use of a lighter diaphragm clutch spring for up to 50% easier clutch lever effort with no loss of performance. The Rivera TPP Variable Pressure Clutch is for use with all Rivera Pro Clutch models, and fits under most OEM outer primary covers with stock derby covers (except 2006 Dyna). 

US Patent Pending No.10/558,301

For PC-1298-CA Rivera Pro Clutch, 1998 and later Big Twins Models
For PC-1200-CA Rivera Pro Clutch, 1990 to 1997 Big Twins Models
For PC-1000-CA Rivera Pro Clutch, 1936 to 1984 Big Twins Models
For PC-1300XL Rivera Pro Clutch, 1991 and later Sportster models




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