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VP-SDR Installation

1. Remove your derby cover off.



2. Jack the rear wheel up and shift your bike into 6th gear for less engine friction (Engine is off).


3. Rotate the rear wheel until we could align the clutch studs bolts horizontally at the bottom to the ground.


4. Loosen the spring retainer evenly a little at a time using 10mm socket Then remove it.

5. Install the 3 tabs shim in the center of the clutch hub.

6. (a) Install orange springs for 30% lighter clutch pull and it will handle up to  115 ft-lbs torque stock engine.

    (b) With the VP-SDR &stock spring, the kit will handle up to 141 ft-lbs tq.

7. Install the VP Clutch. Use the provided bolts and tighten evenly with 5mm Allen wrench. Finally, tighten to a torque of 7.5-9.2 ft-lbs (10.2-12.4Nm).     Please make sure the weights could move freely.



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