CF2 Complete Clutch Kit For Harley Davidson '07 And Up Cable Clutch

Sale price$ 2,262.00


CF2 Complete Kit, 46T 

Part Number:

  • TA008-002


  • $2262.00


  • For Harley Davidson '07 and later Big Twin Models (including '06 Dyna's, except models with Hydraulic clutches)
Kit Contents:
  • CF2 Lock Up Head
  • CF2 Pressure Plate
  • Billet Clutch Inner Hub
  • Billet Clutch Basket
  • Clutch Springs x 6
  • Clutch Plates are not included.

Variable Pressure Clutch Installation Education Page


Variable Pressure Clutch Installation Education Page

What is the Lock up clutch and the Constant Force?

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