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VP-LT Charger Kit

Strongest VP Combination Kit! 

ProCharger, the industry leading the supercharger manufacture proved our Lock-up clutch kits. It is called the "VP-Charger Kit". VP-Charger is the maximum pressure combination kit using H-D stock clutch. It handle over 200hp high power engine.
  • Fits '98 and later Big Twin models.
  • Fits inside stock primary cover and derby cover.
  • Kit includes the VP95LT, Billet pressure plate and 480lbs clutch spring (You can choose a clutch spring for mild engine. Please contact us.). 
Note: H-D stock derby cover, 103" and 110" CVO Covers (except any special or '03 anniversary) are not required a derby cover spacer. Non-stock derby cover (including any special or '03 anniversary cover) and 3 holes derby cover may require a derby cover spacer.  Clutch pull becomes heavier as RPM increases. Compatible with H-D hydraulic clutch.
Nowadays, all the high performance engines are getting popular, so we provide different combinations for most popular high performance engine size. We named them:  

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