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VP (Variable Pressure) Clutch Series for 1998 and Later Big Twin 6 Studs Style Clutch


  • Works like a lock up clutch.
  • Up to about 40% reduce clutch lever effort than stock.
  • Not only lighter, but stronger clutch engagement than stock when it revs up.
  • 10 minutes installation. Install through the derby cover without removing the primary cover.
  • Better clutch disengagement and feel than stock, Easier to find neutral.
  • Fits behind a stock derby cover on '98 and later Big Twin Models with 6 Studs Style Clutch and primary cover. No modification required. (except '13 and later A&S Clutch, 3 Studs Style Clutch and '15 and later Narrow Primary Cover)

VP95LT, VP84LT and VP68LT

The VP clutches adjust the static pressure by changing the position where spring pushes. There are three types of VP clutch for ’98 and later Big Twin models. It is VP68LT, VP84LT and VP95LT. VP68LT makes about 40% reduce clutch lever effort from the clutch spring. VP68T pushes the most inside of clutch spring. That means there are more leverage than stock or other VPs. VP84LT makes about 20% reduce clutch lever effort. VP95T makes about 5% reduce clutch lever effort.  

VP68LT - Easy Clutch pull

40% clutch pull reduction

VP84LT - Street Performance

20% more clamping force and 20% lighter clutch pull

VP95LT - High Performance

40% more clamping force

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VP-LT Performance Kit

VP-LT Performance Kit is simply upgrade your H-D stock 6 Studs style clutch without unnecessary heavy clutch pull for your high performance engine. There are four stages for any engine applications. It handles up to 195ft-lbs torque at 4000rpm. Kit includes VP95LT and a proper clutch spring. Compatible with Hydraulic clutch.

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VP-LT Charger Kit

ProCharger, the industry leading the supercharger manufacture proved our Lock-up clutch kits. VP Charger Kit is the maximum pressure combination kit using H-D stock 6 Studs Style Clutch. It handles over 200hp high power engine. Kit includes the VP Clutch, Billet Pressure Plate and a proper clutch spring.

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Optional Parts for VP-LT

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