AIM Corp. was established in 2001 as the affiliate company of Tamachi Industries in Tokyo, Japan. We originally had established our business to supply bespoke auto racing engine parts to the top formula racing teams in the US. 

In 2003 we came in to the American V-Twin industry as a master distributor of the "Variable Pressure Clutch", which was developed by Tak Shigematsu, a Nitro Harley pilot in the AHDRA series. Since then, we have patented our product and created several versions of the VP. Eventually expanding our product portfolio to include Billet Pressure Plates, the CF2, and Reverse Gears. We are thankful for the dealer network that we have established that continue to support our products and development. We will continue to bring top quality products into the American V-Twin industry. Please look forward to our continual development of exciting performance oriented parts!

AIM Corp. is operated by a team that has an undying passion for motorcycles and automotive. We are committed to caring for our customers. Please don’t hesitate to ask any questions! We're here for you. 



Tamachi is the name of our affiliate company in Japan. They produce formula racing engine parts for the worlds most competitive racing series. Our V-Twin products have the same care and quality as the Tamachi parts that race competitively all over the world. We promise you the best in product engineering, quality and after-service care. 

We are the master distributor of Tak Performance Products for the US market. Tak Shigematsu is the only Japanese national to compete in the NITRO HARLEY, AHDRA series.