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AIM Corp.

AIM Corp. (Advanced Innovational Machinery Corporation) is the leader in quality clutch products for American motorcycles. AIM Corp. was established in 2001 as the affiliate company of Tamachi Industries in Tokyo, Japan in an effort to make available improvements for clutch performance. We established our business in the U.S. to supply auto racing engine parts to the top US based formula racing teams who needed the finest performing products out there.


In 2003 we came in to the American V-Twin industry as a master distributor of "Variable Pressure Clutch", which was developed by a Nitro Harley pilot in the AHDRA series, Tak Shigematsu, Tak Performance Products. After the release of the products, we have been to various motorcycle shows, have answered many phone calls and heard what American V-Twin enthusiasts want and need. 

This year we have introduced another patent pending CF2 kit and more product line like clutch basket and WPC treatment. But we haven't stoped there. We will bring top formula design, engineering and quality products into the American V-Twin industry. Much more exciting performance oriented parts are on the way. Watch us and enjoy our products!

AIM Corp. is operated by Men, Yasu, Kae, Brett, and Nack with a big passion for motorcycles. We are committed to caring about our customers. We enjoy talking to you at shows or on the phone. Please do not hesitate to talk to us. We care and we listen. You are always welcome!



Tamachi is the name of our affiliate company in Japan, they produce formula racing engine parts for the worlds most competitive racing series. Our TAMACHI V-Twin products have the same care and quality as the TAMACHI parts that race competitively all over the world. We promise you the best in product engineering, quality and after-service care. 





We are the master distributor of Tak Performance Products for the US market. Tak Shigematsu is the only Japanese national to compete in the NITRO HARLEY, AHDRA series.