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VP-SDR Installation Tool

Hello Everyone!

We created a tool that will hold the A&S Pressure Plate in place when you're installing the VP-SDR or changing springs! If you have done the job before, you know that the pressure plate can become misaligned causing a big headache trying to put it back in. This tool prevents the pressure plate from rising so that you can easily swap out the springs and pressure plate.

Please ask about it when you place your next order!


SDR Installation Tool


Hiro Koiso sets world record at Bonneville!

Hello Everyone!
Bonneville was a huge success as Hiro Koiso made three new records along with becoming the fastest naked bike to ever run the salt flats! Hiro was able to accomplish this with some serious modifications along with our CF2 clutch. Our CF2 locked on tight, helping Hiro’s nitrous supercharged bike transfer 378 horsepower and 310 torque to the salt!
These were the three records he set.
AMA 3000 A-PBG            216.818mph
AMA 3000 A-PBF             226.100mph      
FIM                                       227.236 mph
Check out the details at Hiro Koiso’s Facebook:
More about the CF2 Clutch here:

Bonneville Speed Trial

Hello Everyone!

It's been a while since our last update, but we are back!

Bonneville is around the corner, and SALT FEVER IS HERE!!

We will be supporting our good friend Hiro Koiso who's going to be participating in the Bonneville Speed Trial!

Don't be a stranger and come say hello! We're going to be there from the 25th to the 31st!

Best part is you get to witness our CF2 Clutch on Hiro Koiso's monstrous bike.

If you've been following Hiro's social media you know that bike is no joke!

Everything from chromoly axles and a custom nitrous holding tank... the level of work done to the bike is just beyond amazing.

Remember to bring your shades and water!

Hope to see you out there!


-AIM Corp.


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