AIM Corp.

VP-SDR for '13 and Later A&S Clutch, 3 Studs Style

The sliding weight will create 40% more extra clamping force at 4000 RPM.


  1.  Easier Pull: 20% lighter during low RPM. The kit handles up to 105 ft-lbs of torque with the Soft Clutch Orange Spring Kit, VP024-SDR installed. 
  2.  Street Performance: With the OEM 2013 and up CVO spring handles up to 125ft-lbs torque.
  3. Hi-Performance: With the Performance Clutch Spring Kit, VP035-SDR handles well over 150ft-lbs torque.
  4.  Slider Weight design: will fit behind stock, 103, 110 derby covers. No modification needed. (EXCEPTION: 2017 and up  Milwaukee 8 CVO Models require a 1/4" inch spacer and gasket!)


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