VP Performance Kit (VP IV + Diaphragm Spring)

The VP Performance Kit is an upgrade to your existing H-D clutch with an added benefit of a lighter clutch pull for your high-performance engine. We offer 4 variations for your specific engine applications. It will handle up to 195ft-lbs torque at 4000rpm. This Kit includes our VP95IV and a varying clutch spring depending on your engine output. Compatible with both Hydraulic clutches or cable clutches.



Parts #



Stage 1


110” (1800cc), Up to 130lbs-ft torque

VP95-IV and 280lbs Spring

Stage 2


120” (1970cc), Up to 150lbs-ft torque

VP95-IV and 340lbs Spring

Stage 3


135” (2200cc), Up to 160lbs-ft torque

VP95-IV and 420lbs Spring

Stage 4


Strongest VP Package, Up to 190lbs-ft torque

VP95-IV and 480lbs Spring