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CF2 Inner Clutch Kit for Harley Davidson '07 and Up Hydraulic Clutch

Item CF2 Inner clutch kit for Hydraulic clutch control
Parts # TA008-005
MSRP $1350.00
Fitment For Harley Davidson '07 and later Big Twin Models (including '06 Dyna's, except models with cable clutch control)
Kit contents
  • CF Lock Up Head
  • CF Pressure Plate
  • Billet Inner Hub
  • Clutch Springs
  • Clutch Plates are not included
  • Required CF2 Shorter Push Rod
Note: Derby cover spacer is not required with H-D stock derby cover. Non-stock derby cover (including any special or anniversary cover) may require a derby cover spacer. Pressure plate with thrust bearing for H-D hydraulic system is available. Clutch pull becomes heavier as RPM increases.


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