Cable Clutch Adjustment Nut OD 15.5mm for VP SDR V2 - For 2021+ Touring and Other Cable Clutch Models

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Optional Clutch Adjustment Nut OD 15.5mm for VP SDR V2 - Cable Clutch Only

Part Number:

  • AIM008


  • Cable clutch Harley Davidson

  • VP SDR V2 equipped cable clutch models only


Outer diameter of 15.5mm. Special cable adjustment nut specifically designed to work with our VP-SDR V2 clutch kit. This is a must have piece as the stock nut will not be accessible once the VP-SDR V2 is installed for proper clutch adjustment.

Kit Contents:

  • 1 x SDR V2 Adjustment Nut


This adjustment nut has an OD (outer diameter) of 15.5mm for the previous VP-SDR V2 units. If you have our updated VP-SDR V2 units, which has an ID (inner diameter) of 18mm, please refer to our new cable clutch adjustment nut AM013 found here.

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