VP Installation

VP 68/84/95 for '98 and later Harley-Davidson Big Twin models

Note: VP Performance Kits and VP Charger Kits ---Requires removing the outer primary cover to change the diaphragm spring. Non-stock derby covers (including any special or '03 anniversary cover) and 3 holes derby covers may require a derby cover spacer. Clutch pull becomes heavier as RPM increases. Will fit models equipped with H-D hydraulic clutch.

1. Turn cable adjuster until there is a large amount of free play at the clutch hand lever.

2. Remove derby cover.

3. Loosen lock nut on the clutch adjuster screw.

4. Adjust clutch adjuster screw. To take up all free play, turn screw inward (clockwise) until gently seated. Activate the clutch lever to verify the balls of Ball & Ramp (in right side transmission) are seated in the ramps. Back out adjuster screw (counterclockwise) 3/4 to 1 turn. Tighten lock nut while holding adjuster screw with an Allen wrench.

5. Loosen the spring retainer evenly a little at a time using a 10 mm socket wrench.

6. Pull the spring retainer and remove it.

7. Bend the 6 base plate tabs slightly outward.

8. Showing bented base plate.

9. Install base plate. Starting with widest tab on the base plate insert it inside the diaphragm spring.

10. Ensure that it is seated all the way in.

11. Install the VP clutch. if you install it from one of the bottom levers first then it will go in easily.

12. Use the provided bolts and tighten evenly with a 5 mm Allen wrench. Ensure the diaphragm spring is not out of position and start tightening the bolts. Finally, tighten to a torque of 90-110 in-lbs (10.2-12.4 Nm).

13. Adjust the clutch cable. Ensure free play of 1/8" or more at the clutch lever pivot between the clutch holder and lever without pulling the cable.

14. Install derby cover gasket (Parts#AIM003-001) and derby cover. Tighten bolts to 84-108in-lbs (9.5-12.2 Nm).

Tech Note: You can use 18 mm spark plug socket to tighten lock nu t.

Tech Note: Adjusting adjuster screw with using 18 mm spark plug socket.