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Black Narrow Primary Derby Cover Spacer 1/4", for '15 and later Narrow Primary Cover

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Item Narrow Primary Derby Cover Spacer 1/4"
Parts # AM004-009
MSRP $45.00
Fitment '15 and later Narrow primary cover 
  • '15 and later Ultra Limited Low and Electra Glide Classic Low 
  • '16 and later Touring Models
  • '16 and later CVO Tuoring Models
  • Black Anodizing Finish
  • 1/4" thickness.
  • Outside wall has a polished finish.
  • Kit includes 5 longer bolts.

Note: Kit is not including derby cover gasket. Two gaskets are required. Derby cover gasket (Parts#AM003-004) sold separately. You can use stock gasket between the derby cover and spacer.


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