Cable Pressure Plate Solid Adapter

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Cable Pressure Plate Solid Adapter

PN: AM012-004


  • Harley Davidson Assist & Slipper Clutch / 3-Stud Style Clutch
  • 2017+ M8 Touring Models / Select Twin Cam Assist & Slipper Clutch Models
  • Check our "WHAT ARE YOU RIDING" fitment search at the top of our website!
  • Power shift with less force (especially with our VP-SDR V2 Max).
  • Retaining ring flexes which causes loss of clutch stroke. Eliminate flexing permanently. Prevents slippage at lower RPM.
  • Easy clutch control at 5,000+ RPM with increase in pressure plate disengagement.
  • 20+ minute easy installation!


  • (1) Cable Solid Adapter
  • (1) Flat Washer


  • Be sure to check our "WHAT ARE YOU RIDING?" fitment search at the top of our website to confirm fitment.
  • Installation instructions can be found here.


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