G3™ Friction & Performance Steel™ Powerpack® for M8 2017+

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Carbonite clutch plates

Part Number:

  • AL003-001


  • $333


  • 2017+ M8 Touring, Softail Models. 
  • Hi-Performance Power Packs.
  • 11 G3 Friction plates.
  • 10 Performance steels
  • Asbestos Free Organic High Carbon & Aramid Content
  • High thermal stability
  • Improved heat dissipation perfect for high performance applications
  • Manufactured by ALTO USA


We recommend using JASO-MA and JASO-MA2 approved oils are designed for single unit engines where the wet clutch, gearbox, and engine used the same oil. Do not use automotive oil, it has too many friction modifiers and can cause clutch slippage, and gear box pitting. Reference your service manual, it will provide change schedules, viscosity, and the correct amount of oil to use. (On the back of the oil container there will be a JASO box with individual certification number) i.e. AMS OIL Synthetic V-Twin Primary Fluid, Harley Davidson Formula + etc. 

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