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AIM Corp.

Stage3 VP-Performance kit, VP95LT/Invo and 380lbs spring

Item Stage3 VP-Performance kit
Parts #  VP032-380
MSRP $340.00

'98 and later Big Twin models 6 Studs Style Clutch

(except '13 and later Big Twin Model with A&S Clutch, 3 Studs Style)

  • VP95LT/Invo
  • 380lbs Spring 
  • Handles up to 160ft-lbs torque.
  • High performance pressure VP combination kit using H-D stock clutch.
  • Compatible with hydraulic clutch.
Note: Non-stock derby cover (including any special or '03 anniversary cover) and 3 holes derby cover may require a derby cover spacer.The size of the displacement above is a just guideline to select VP clutch and spring. These numbers will be changed depend on motorcycle specifications. Clutchpull becomes heavier as RPM increases.