VP68 Spider Kit
$ 345.00

VP68 Spider Kit

Parts # VP031-68SPD
MSRP $345.00

'98 and later Big Twin models 6 Studs Style Clutch with Narrow Primary Cover

(except '13 and later Big Twin Model with A&S Clutch, 3 Studs Style)

    • 30% more clamping force at High RPM & 40% clutch pull(Clutch pull becomes heavier as RPM increases.)
    • Smoother shifting, easier to find Neutral.
    • 10 minutes installation. 
    • Fits behind only Narrow Primary Cover and Derby Cover
    • Can be use with cable and hydraulic clutch controls.
    Kit contents
    • VP68 Spider x 1
    • 1/4 Narrow Derby Cover Spacer x 1
    • Narrow Derby Cover Gasket x 1

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